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Ascension School, a suburban Catholic, elementary school, is called and committed to serve the youth of New Milford, Bergenfield, and Teaneck in an educational ministry, rooted in the message and ministry of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Mission Statement

We, the Ascension School Community:  Administration, Faculty, Parents and Students share the responsibility for building a strong faith community, for experiencing positive leadership and for providing a quality educational program for our students.

We, the Faculty, strive to recognize, appreciate and respond to the diversity of individual and communal needs among our students by creating a supportive atmosphere, a disciplined environment and high academic standards for all students.

We, the Parents and Students, work to create a partnership between home and school.  Through open communication and interaction, our faith community becomes aware, respectful and accepting of differing cultures.

The educational mission of Ascension School is on-going and faith-filled and endeavors to meet the challenges of a modern, technological society in the 21st century.  


Transfiguration Updates March 15, 2006 -- letter announcing the administration for Transfiguration Academy.  -- CLICK HERE FOR  MORE INFORMATION

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